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  • 1.  Rescind Stock Option Award

    Posted 01-19-2023 12:07
    We issued a stock option award on 9/1/2022 that we would like to rescind. The person is not going to continue in the role which was connected to that award. He is going to continue as an Advisor so we want his other options to continue to vest. How can I go about that? 

    Carta Admin

  • 2.  RE: Rescind Stock Option Award

    Posted 04-06-2023 13:24

    In this case, the best course of action would be to cancel ES-42. You must go to Securities > Equity awards > Search for ES-42 > Click on the three vertical dots located to the far-right side of it > Cancel option grant. You will then be prompted to select a reason for the cancellation as well as the cancellation date. That will rescind that option in specific, but the others will continue vesting as they should. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Have a great day!

    Brent Devey
    Community Manager