Unanswered questions

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    Equity increase before or after raise

    Asked in: Carta Collective

    Hi, I'm planning to negotiate an increase in my equity. I joined after our seed round, we're raising another round in Q2 this ...

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    Are these Accurate Offerings?

    Asked in: Carta Collective

    1. Simple Agreement for Future Equity (S.A.F.E.) Shares: As RDT’s earliest investors as Advisors, you alone will be offered S.A.F.E. ...

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    Changing Convertible Note Interest Rate

    Asked in: Carta Collective

    We have convertible notes that accrue simple interest. The interest rate is changing on the notes at a given time (e.g.: annual ...

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    Handling MFNs in Carta

    Asked in: Founders Lounge

    Hi all - we set up our Friends and Family round to be as fair as possible to everyone, using uncapped convertible notes with an ...

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    Form 3921 Compliance

    Asked in: Around the Table

    Hey all! I have heard something about Carta's Form 3921 tool not being 100% compliant (potentially) due to employees needing to ...