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Founder and Non-Founder CEO benchmarks

  • 1.  Founder and Non-Founder CEO benchmarks

    Posted 04-16-2024 08:53

    Exciting news for Carta Total Comp users! Based on your feedback, we are adding additional granularity to our CEO benchmarks by:

    • Differentiating benchmarks between Founder and Non-Founder CEOs
    • Providing equity benchmarks, in addition to salary and total cash. 

      • For Founder CEOs, equity benchmarks are based on total equity ownership
      • For Non-Founder CEOs equity benchmarks are based on 4-year new hire grants

    How do I see benchmarks for the new roles?

    You can view the new CEO benchmarks by visiting the Benchmarks page and selecting "CEO" under Area. Within "CEO" you can select "Founder" or "Non-Founder" from the Founder Status dropdown.

    How do benchmarks for the additional benchmarks affect the Employee Scorecard?

    We are working on an additional update that will integrate the new CEO benchmarks into the Employee Scorecard in the coming weeks.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! 

    Brent Devey