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Cancer has been a perennially vexing disease of our lifetime. It is difficult to cure primarily because it grows within a patient and as it grows it is constantly changing. So there are many types of cancer cells within each patient.

BreakBio is a leader in the convergence of AI Drug Discovery, personalized medicine and immunotherapy. BreakBio uses not just AI Drug Discovery, but goes further and does AI Drug Discovery PER PATIENT and manufacture per patient in just 42 days. AI analyzes each patient’s cancer cells and finds many targets across all branches of their cancer. Then customized/bespoke immunotherapy drugs are manufactured for the patient and injected.

The company is raising $5m for this high tech solution to cancer.  The funding will aid Phase 1/2 clinical trials in 2024 in NY and Boston. It is aiming to get a Breakthrough Therapy Designation in 2025 and then expects Big Pharma (companies like Pfizer) to offer partnerships and provide remaining capital to scale across cancer indications and worldwide. 

AI Drug Discovery Per Patient, and manufacturing personalized medicines per patient in 42 days will, we believe, become the treatment of choice for all cancers. 

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The American Cancer Society Award for my work on personalizing cancer treatment tells the story: