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Born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee and growing up in Racine, Wisconsin, Derell Stinson is a self described “polyentrepreneur.”  Stinson has always been a business owner of some kind since childhood, including having a paper route and lawn care business as a pre-teen.  The evolution of owning his brand started there.

Before launching Derell L. Stinson, Incorporated in 2016, he has excelled in sales, marketing and information technology for such multi-national firms as Universal Music Group, T-Mobile, AT&T and Dell, Incorporated to name a few.  It this experience that assists him as a key cog to understand, negotiate, market and business manage the arts and entertainment arena for his clients and customers alike.

As alum of Tennessee State University he has been involved in arts and entertainment as an entrepreneur since 1996 with various entities throughout that time.  Currently I am building a holding company for the purpose of attracting investors for projects in aviation, digital asset/blockchain IP platform and other technology interests.


Tennessee State University
Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Tennessee, United States
B.A,. MBA, 2015
International Business - Organizational Leadership
1987 To 2015

Job History

Atelier 427
Managing Partner
Nashville, TN, United States
September 2009 - October 2023

Renaissance Entertainment
Nashville, TN, United States
June 1996 - June 2003

Universal Music Group
Southeast Region Marketing and Promotions - Urban
Nashville, TN, United States
February 1991 - December 1996