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Understanding Cap Table Basics

  • 1.  Understanding Cap Table Basics

    Posted 04-04-2023 11:34

    As a founder, it's imperative to understand how much of your company you can/should give away in equity incentive programs and fundraising. But, learning about how it all works can be daunting. 

    At Carta, we realize that a well managed cap table is the foundation of a company built to scale. Starting tomorrow, we're launching Cap Table 101-- and educational resource that offers straightforward lessons that equip founders with the knowledge they need to get it right from the start, so they can focus on growing their business. And with 34,000 cap tables actively managed on platform, who better to guide them than the  equity experts at Carta.

    Check back tomorrow for additional details on the courses and how you can own your ownership. 

    Nigeria Talley