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State of Startup Compensation, H2 2023

  • 1.  State of Startup Compensation, H2 2023

    Posted 03-20-2024 11:54
    Carta recently released the State of Startup Compensation, H2 2023 Report. I love to see the detailed insights from Carta's Data team and how the startup compensation landscape is ever-evolving. If you're passionate about compensation, you can join the Carta Compensation user group here to connect with HR leaders, founders, and finance professionals who oversee their company's compensation strategy. 
    Here's a quick rundown of some key takeaways from the report:
    1. Shifts in Hiring and Compensation: The startup ecosystem witnessed significant changes in hiring practices and compensation strategies. Despite challenges posed by the bear-market headwinds, startups adapted by adjusting their priorities and focusing on specific job functions such as engineering, sales, and operations.
    2. Employee Movement and Turnover: The report highlights the considerable turnover rate among startup employees, with a notable percentage of hires departing their companies within a short period. Additionally, the distribution of job departures saw significant changes, particularly with a surge in layoffs.
    3. Equity Packages and Salary Trends: The report delves into the stabilization of equity packages, alongside modest increases in average salary benchmarks across various job functions. However, it also notes declines in equity benchmarks for certain roles and functions, reflecting the broader market dynamics.
    4. Geographical Hiring Trends: Insights into the geographical distribution of hiring shed light on how startups are adapting their hiring strategies, with trends indicating a preference for in-state hires in certain industries.
    For those eager to explore further, the blog post offers an extended dataset and additional equity compensation data, providing a deeper understanding of startup compensation practices.
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    Let's continue to learn and grow together as we navigate the dynamic world of startups and venture capital. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights sparked by the report in the comments below!
    Best regards,

    Hannah Givens