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  • 1.  How to modify admin user emails?

    Posted 12-13-2022 09:12
    I have tried to edit the email address of a Director within permissions and roles, however, the text box is greyed out and I cannot do so. I have should have permission as a legal administrator to do this. How do I modify the admin user email? 

    Carta Support

  • 2.  RE: How to modify admin user emails?

    Posted 12-20-2022 09:02

    If the Director has lost access to the email that is associated with their Carta account, our support team can help add a new email address to your account with help from the organization associated with Carta

    If you have a Personal Portfolio or Investment Firm with Carta:

    You will need to contact your issuing company or contact Carta Support. If you contact Support, we will need to contact your issuing company to confirm your identity. Provide the following information when contacting:
      • The mailing address on file.
      • The new email that should be associated with your account.
      • The email address currently connected to your account (that is currently inaccessible).
      • Carta Support will add the new email address to your account and reach out to confirm the email address has been updated.
      • You will receive an email to verify the new email address.

      Carta Support