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 Ex-Employee's appear on Vesting Report

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Gary Kennedy posted 03-19-2024 11:20

Hi Carta Community,

I could use your advice.

My company is fairly new to Carta.

We have several Ex-Employees that have left the company.

The system shows that their Stock Option Holdings have been either "Cancelled" or "Forfeited", which is correct.

However, their Vested and Non-Vested Stock Options are still appearing on the Vesting Detail Report as though they were still active employees.

Is there something in the system that we need to mark in order to have them removed from the report?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Morgan Neumann

Hi Gary, 

My name is Morgan and I'm your CSM here at Carta, hope your week is going great! 

I'd be happy to chat through this via email, I'll send you a note now.