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Jonathan Gasson posted 01-25-2024 13:28


I have a small non-revenue Delaware C-corp and I'm looking for an accounting firm to handle my simple DE and federal returns.  The current firm is pretty expensive given the minimal amount of work.  Any recommendations? 

Thanks, Jon

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Ann Marie Guzzi

Not sure what you consider expensive but happy to intro you to a firm I've sent some clients to (I do fractional ops work). Shoot me an email at

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Christopher Hoffmann

Hey Jon, I have a couple partner companies that our clients work with who I'd be happy to introduce as well. Kruze Consulting and Tax Hive are a couple of them. Apart from CPA firms, have you heard of Taxfyle? They are the most affordable I've personally found so far to taxes. Also happy to send an intro there. Let me know!