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Multiple fields for expiration dates.

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By: Mate I. Zgombic
10-04-2022 19:47


What are y'all thoughts on adding a field to track expiration dates for different types of Stock Plan equity awards?

For example, if a company's expiration date for RSU's is different from options.

From what I understand only one expiration date is allowed to be entered. Having multiple fields, would ensure that drafts for multiple types of equity awards when approved by the Board get the correct date upon issuance.

I look forward to hearing what you think.


10-27-2022 13:15

Hi Mate,

That is great feedback that I have not heard yet. I will submit this to our product team. In the meantime the best route is to choose the RSU expiration date when drafting the awards if they are different than the standard 10 year expiration.

Travis Wright
Channel Technical Lead