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Importing address information when adding new grants

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By: Christopher Hoffmann
01-07-2024 15:47

The one tough thing about issuing new option grants and RSUs is that it only allows us to enter the 'state of residency' and doesn't allow us to enter the actual address info (and this state of residency doesn't flow to to the stakeholder page). It would be really helpful if we could enter the address information (or at minimum the country) when drafting and issuing new equity awards. Then we could save a step, as opposed to having to add address information on the stakeholder page later.

Official Response
01-17-2024 15:47

Hey @Christopher Hoffmann! I chatted with our Product team about this and they mentioned that this is one of the benefits of ‘pre-creating’ the stakeholders from HRIS.  If that is done, we will automatically pull over data from HRIS. Does that solve your issue, or are we looking at this incorrectly? 

8 days ago

Thanks for the context, @Christie Johnson. I'll make sure to share this with our Product team as well. 

9 days ago

@Brett Devey -  I would concur with Chris on being able to add the State or Location at time of grant would be useful.  I find it hard to keep track of all the locations employee might be during the life of the grant.    This is helpful from taxation standpoint to understand the location and have the Location available on the Exercise/Settled Report or Stock Plan Ledger Report.  I find that the address on some of the reporting is the most recent address and not necessary "State or Country" at issuance.  This would make life easier for when we have tax filings in Ireland, UK - where I need to report the number of grants issued each year.  

01-29-2024 10:07

Thanks for the note, @Christopher Hoffmann. I've shared this with the Product team as feedback. I'll keep you updated on any other insights or changes to the idea. 

01-28-2024 00:33

@Brent Devey I do agree and think that's a wonderful help overall! My one concern is that not enough companies use the HRIS integration for it to solve the problem from a holistic standpoint. I encourage all of our clients to integrate with their HRIS, and only about 15-20% of them actually connect it.