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Custom message with the issuance of option grants (and other securities)

Last activity 02-27-2024 09:37
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By: Christopher Hoffmann
02-14-2024 14:27

I was just on a meeting with an HR leader who said that he sends out custom messages to new hires and employees receiving refresh grants every time they have a new grant. I love Carta's email for new securities, but it would awesome if admins could add a custom message to the email that goes out, kind of like how you can add a custom message when sending out a board consent. Even better, it would be great if this message could contain tags (eg. #number_of_secuities which would customize it to the number of securities for each person the email is going to) that allowed the message to be customized to each person.

02-27-2024 09:37

Thanks for sharing, Chris! I've submitted this idea.