Ask an Equity Admin with Chris Hoffmann

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When:  Sep 14, 2023 from 12:00 to 14:00 (PT)
Associated with  Carta Collective


Join us on Thursday September 14th at noon Pacific as Chris Hoffmann, Founder of Equity Admin Co., hosts an 'Ask an Equity Admin' session! Chris, a former Carta employee, started his own company where he and his team have managed equity incentive programs for several large companies for the past 3+ years. During this session, Chris will be available to answer your questions about ongoing equity administration, employee communication, ASC 718 support, data reconciliation and clean-up, securities issuances, transfers, and much more!


09-14-2023 12:12

@Joe Alioto & @Penny LaBonte - this is actually a written AMA, so here is the link! Let me know if you have some questions:

09-14-2023 12:12

@Penny LaBonte @Joe Alioto this is an async event on this thread. You can ask questions and see others Q&A here:

09-14-2023 12:09

I'm wondering the same - is there a link to join the session? Thank you!

09-14-2023 12:05

Is there a Zoom/meeting link somewhere to join the session?