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  • 1.  Option pool reporting

    Posted 11-09-2023 10:02

    Hey there - are there any reports in Carta that can give me an average number of options awarded per stakeholder and/or average number of options returned to the pool per stakeholder termination?

    Magdalena Orowitz

  • 2.  RE: Option pool reporting

    Posted 11-14-2023 09:54

    Hey Magdalena!

    It is difficult to get a clear view of that in Carta, this is why we created exactly that feature (together with other interesting equity insights) at Easop. We are integrated with Carta, so you can just connect your Carta account for free here and you will have access to these insights.

    Happy to discuss any other insights that you might be interested in and/or walk you through Easop. Here is my calendy if you're interested.


    Valentin Haarscher
    Co-founder & CEO
    New York