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  • 1.  Equity for board members

    Posted 01-08-2024 09:56


    I'd love to know if anyone has guidelines for board member equity. We are a Series C fintech and I need to refresh the equity for an independent board member sho has been with us for a few years and also consider equity for future board members who are not investors. Has anyone seen a benchmark report or guidelines for board member equity at Series C and beyond companies?


    Sung Hae Kim

  • 2.  RE: Equity for board members

    Posted 01-08-2024 21:23

    Hey @Sung Hae Kim!

    This is a fantastic question. I would think that Peter Walker from Carta might be the best person to ask about the data on this. I know he made a post (link below) about Series B and earlier (probably why you're asking about Series C+):

    I want to give some insight using data on a much smaller scale - we have a handful of clients Series C-D, and the equity for their board members ranges from 0.01% (short term, newer board members) up to 0.15% (members who have been around for years and remain on the board). I hope this helps!

    I've also been asking Peter some data questions and he's been so quick to find the answers, so I think it would be helpful to ask him this question as well! Let me know if you have additional questions that I can help with.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Hoffmann
    Founder, Equity Admin Co. - Carta admin for pre-IPO companies

  • 3.  RE: Equity for board members

    Posted 01-12-2024 12:41

    Thank you so much @Christopher Hoffmann for this information. Very useful! I'll also reach out to Peter.

    Sung Hae Kim