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    Posted 02-06-2023 09:21
    Carta Community is a space for Carta users to ask questions, share interests, ideas, and challenges, help each other, and connect with others in the private equity space. The community is for all users regardless of race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or background.

    Join Carta Community

    1. Visit and sign in via SSO with the credentials used to access your Carta account.
    2. Review the terms and conditions and click I Agree to proceed.
    3. Read this post to learn more about Carta Community, its guidelines, and how to get involved. 

    Complete your profile

    1. Click the avatar icon in the top right corner.
    2. Click Profile.

    3. To add a profile picture, click Actions > Change Picture.

    4. Add a profile picture to the upload modal. Crop and/or rotate, save, then click Upload.

    5. Click Add to write a short bio that will be visible to other community members.
    6. Click Add to enter details in any of the following fields, if desired: Education, Job History, Professional Associations, and Honors and Awards.

    Join a sub-community

    1. To request to join a sub-community, click Suggested Communities in the Community Guidelines post (Home > Get Started).

      1. Alternatively, click Communities > Suggested Communities.

    2. Click Request to Join to the right of the community or communities that you'd like to be part of.

    3. Write a quick note explaining why you'd like to join the community. Select your email notification preferences from the dropdown and click Submit.

    4. Once the request to join has been approved, click Communities > My Communities to access.

    5. Click on the name of the community you'd like to visit to be directed to that community's home page.

    6. The Home tab displays Featured Posts, Trending Threads, Latest Q&A, Upcoming Events, and Shared Resources.

    7. To view active discussions, click Threads. Click into the drop-downs on the right to filter and sort threads if desired.

      1. To reply to a thread, click on its title.
        NOTE: Each community has an ongoing Welcome thread. We encourage you to respond in this thread after joining to introduce yourself, or write your own introductory post in the community!

      2. From the post you'd like to respond to, click Reply.

      3. Enter your response in the text editor that appears below the post, then click Post.

      4. To begin a discussion or ask a question, click Start New Thread.

      5. Complete the required fields and type your post. When finished, click Post. You can also Schedule your post for publication, Save as Draft, or Cancel.

    8. To view relevant resources, click Resource Library.

      1. Click on the name of the resource to view.

      2. Click on the file or link name to view the resource or click Download to save a copy.

      3. Click the name of a Folder to sort resources by category.

    9. To view upcoming events, click Events.

    10. To view a list of community members, click Members.

      1. To search for a member, enter information into at least one of the fields and click Find Members.

      2. Scroll down to view search results. Click Clear All to view a list of all community members. Members can be sorted using the dropdown on the right.

      3. To view a member's profile, click their name.
    11. Click Settings to leave the community or update email notification preferences.


    Update privacy settings

    1. Navigate to your profile by clicking the profile picture in the top right and selecting Profile.

    2. Click My Account and select Privacy Settings from the dropdown menu.

    3. Click the toggle at the top to opt in or out of inclusion in the member directory and community roster(s).

    4. Click the dropdown next to a profile element to set its visibility. When finished, click Save Changes.



    What discussions happen here?

    Discussions should be geared toward sharing and learning how you can become more successful using Carta and to connect with other professionals in the private equity space. Feel free to ask your peers questions and start discussions that will further your knowledge of equity, startups, etc. 


    If I've hit a technical snag using Carta and need some help, is this the place?

    Don't hesitate to ask the community, but you can also always visit our Help Center and click Contact Us to chat with a Carta support specialist.


    What should I do if I see an offensive or rude comment?

    Click the v drop down at the top of any post and select Mark As Inappropriate to let us know. Don't hesitate to send a direct message to anyone from the Carta team as well. We will immediately look into the reported comment and address the situation to uphold and enforce our Community Guidelines and ensure we maintain a safe, positive space.


    What are the rules of this Community? Can you edit or delete my posts?

    We take safety and inclusivity seriously in the Carta Community. Although we normally won't edit your posts (unless we need to change the category or apply tag(s) for easier search and accessibility), admins can delete any post or reply that is not aligned with our Community Guidelines. Our primary policy is to lead with respect, and we reserve the right to delete posts that contain:
    • Rude or offensive commentary
    • Nudity or graphic content
    • Anything that can be interpreted as "trolling"
    • Anything that can be interpreted as "spammy"

    Our Community guidelines are simple, but strict:

    • Always be supportive and helpful to others
    • Speak to others the way you'd like them to speak to you
    • Remember that we all started somewhere
    • Keep product feedback constructive - this is not a place to speak disparagingly about any products, including Carta
    • We reserve the right to ban any members who make posts or comments that we deem offensive, rude, and/or against these guidelines.

    Brent Devey