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Posted By Nigeria Talley 02-06-2024 08:32
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Hi Edwin! You should share Carta's Equity 101 course with your employees. It's covers the basics of equity ownership for employees in depth. ------------------------------ Nigeria Talley ------------------------------
Posted By Nigeria Talley 04-05-2023 12:26
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After helping over 35k companies with their cap tables, we've seen it all, and, we've distilled those learnings to a first of its kind course called Cap Table 101 so everyone can understand all things cap table and know how to get it right from the start. Everything about your company-from incorporation ...
Posted By Nigeria Talley 04-04-2023 11:34
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As a founder, it's imperative to understand how much of your company you can/should give away in equity incentive programs and fundraising. But, learning about how it all works can be daunting. At Carta, we realize that a well managed cap table is the foundation of a company built to scale. Starting ...
Posted By Nigeria Talley 04-04-2023 11:28
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Do you ever wish that there was a simple way to educate founders about the importance of maintaining their cap table? We're excited to announce that Carta is introducing Cap Table 101-a free resource for founders to learn about the fundamentals of cap table management. This interactive course provides ...