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Non-US Company Onboarding

By Pilar Picone posted 02-27-2024 08:48


Although Carta supports International Companies, there are a few differences that might affect the onboarding process and general requirements. Most important being that Carta will NOT be a Transfer Agent*, meaning that certificates created for International Companies won't have legal value. ​​Carta will generate a visual representation of the shareholder’s certificates for both the company and its shareholders. However, Carta does not replace your local transfer agent or share register’s certificates.


*Since Carta is not a registered transfer agent outside of the United States, this means that while we can track your equity, you cannot issue securities only through our platform. You will need to keep your true stock record with a transfer agent or share register in your jurisdiction, which may include issuing and retaining paper certificates.


What services can you expect from Carta?

  • Carta will act as your Cap Table Management and Record Keeping tool and time saving on vesting calculations.

  • Carta will also allow investors to view their holdings electronically (should you choose to share your cap table with them).

  • Streamline how you work with the legal team to track company’s equity.

  • Provide employees with a place to track their vesting and view their equity documents

  • 409A Valuation.


What are the required documents?


  • Detailed stock ledger/cap table in Excel format.

  • Incorporation documents: these differ by country of incorporation, but all countries have some version (usually called “Articles” or “Certificate” or “Agreement”), provide originals and all amendments.

  • Stock Option/Equity master plan documents (if applicable): this will be used to understand your equity plan and make sure it is represented correctly in Carta.

  • Form of Option Grant documents (executed agreements or a blank template).

  • Form of Warrant Agreements (executed agreements or a blank template).

  • Form of Convertible Agreements (executed agreements or a blank template).


​​What will my stakeholders receive?


Stakeholders will receive an email when a new security has been issued and signed by the company.


Stakeholders can view more details about their securities after they have accepted them in Carta.

What does each shareholder and option holder see?

By default, each shareholder and option holder will be able to only view a representation of their own holdings, and will not be able to see your company’s cap table, their fully diluted ownership, or the holdings of other stakeholders. You can manage how much information certain stakeholders get to see through setting cap table access.


As mentioned previously, even though Carta is not a registered transfer agent outside of the United States, our platform offers many functional features to help you track your equity through cap table management, portfolio sharing, SAFE financing, scenario modeling, 490a valuations, and much more. If you have any questions about the non-US onboarding process, please feel free to comment below!