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  • 1.  Upcoming Event: Ask a Tax Professional Anything

    Posted 03-12-2024 09:17

    Do you have any questions that our tax experts can answer? Drop them here in the comments and we'll queue them up for an answer during our upcoming event.

    Tax season is upon us! Get ready to have all your tax questions answered at our upcoming "Ask a Tax Professional Anything" event! 

    Join us for an exclusive opportunity to engage with two seasoned CPAs from the forward-thinking, technology-driven advisory and accounting firm, Withum: Samantha Greenbaum and Daniel Krolikowski.

    With over 11 years of experience in public accounting, Sam specializes in providing tax consulting services to businesses in the technology sector. From diligence-ready assessments to navigating complex federal, state, and international tax matters, Sam's expertise covers a wide array of tax issues. Sam is a leader in the Firm's E-Commerce Practice and also leads their Women in Tech Group.  

    Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as a member of the firm's Private Client Services group and leads the Founders and Technology Executives group. With a focus on individual, estate, and trust tax compliance, Dan excels in income and estate tax planning at both the Federal and state levels.

    Whether you're a tech entrepreneur, a small business owner, or an individual taxpayer, Sam and Dan are here to address your tax-related inquiries. From understanding tax provisions to optimizing your tax strategy, these experts are ready to take the stage on March 19th in Carta Community. 

    The details: 

    • This is a virtual, asynchronous event and doesn't have a video component

    • Watch for a new discussion thread at 10 am PT on March 19th

    • Ask your questions to the Withum team in writing on the event thread where they will answer incoming questions

    Mark your calendars and join us for this  AMA session with Sam and Dan from Withum. See you there! 


    DISCLOSURE: This event is presented on behalf of eShares, Inc., dba Carta, Inc. (“Carta”). The content of this event is not, and no opinions or comments shared in this event should be treated or construed as, accounting, business, financial, investment, legal, tax, or other professional advice or services​​. This event is for information purposes only. The content of this event is not intended as a recommendation, offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. Carta does not assume any liability for reliance on the information provided herein and undertakes no obligation to update content. The opinions of the guests and host are their own and do not reflect the view of Carta or Carta’s affiliates. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners in the U.S. and other countries, and are used for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply affiliation or endorsement.

    Brent Devey

  • 2.  RE: Upcoming Event: Ask a Tax Professional Anything

    Posted 03-19-2024 10:04

    I purchased and received unrestricted shares of Common Stock a couple of years ago. As part of negotiations in a new raise, these shares will be subject to new time-based vesting restrictions. Am I still eligible to file an 83(b) election? It is unclear if I lost he chance to do so based on the original issue date even though these were unrestricted shares.

    P V