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Carta Fundraise Certification Available On Demand

  • 1.  Carta Fundraise Certification Available On Demand

    Posted 11-29-2023 12:26

    Hey guys,


    I'm happy to announce that the Fundraise Certification is now available on demand!


    This learning track is for all Carta users that need to support clients during a fundraising round.


    You can watch the video lessons at your own leisure and schedule your assessment test right away!


    The curriculum is split into 2 one-hour sessions and it breaks down Carta's main features for fundraising: deal pro forma, deal closings, SAFE financings, reflecting funding rounds and more!


    When you are approved in the assessment test, you get to keep an individual Carta demo account so you can model pro formas, play around with workflow, reports, and whatever other features available on demo before running the processes in your clients accounts.


    Watch the lessons and schedule your test here.


    Let me know if there is anything I can help with in the meantime!



    Guilherme Jungstedt